Outstanding Community Service Award (OSCA)

The Outstanding Community Service Award (OCSA) honors persons who are
making significant contributions to Weatherford through their time, actions, talents and dedication
(outside any volunteer work done for their employer). The honoree selected should serve as a role
model for making the Weatherford community a better place to live and work, and have a passion
for helping others in the community.

Eligibility. Any community member may be nominated except Weatherford Noon Lions Club

Criteria. Nominees will have consistently made a difference in the community by
demonstrating qualities of service, action, dedication, or leadership to one or more organizations
or thru one or more volunteer activities. The charitable service, activities, or events listed on the
nomination cannot be part of the nominee’s job description or duties and the individual cannot
receive any monetary or personal benefits from their involvement. Nominators will describe the
service, activities, dedication or leadership that addresses these criteria and that explains why the
nominee should be honored.

Judging Criteria
• 40% – Degree to which the nominee’s services/actions have:
    o Made a lasting or meaningful contribution or impact on the community,
    o Enhanced quality of life in the community, or
    o Increased opportunity for individual success in the community.
• 20% – Length of time of their community service.
• 20% – Extent to which their service might be considered above and beyond the call of duty.
• 20% – Extent to which their action is recognized and valuable to the community.

The recipient of the Weatherford Noon Lions Outstanding Community Service
Award (OCSA) will be honored during the Community Service Award Luncheon on the last
regularly scheduled meeting in March.

For a Downloadable PDF of the application, Click Here!

If you have any questions,                                                        contact Lion Michele Snow at md.snow@hotmail.com.